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RES received consent to build the 13-turbine Wadlow Wind Farm in November 2009. The project entered construction in June 2011 and was completed, with all turbines reaching full operation, in September 2012.  

The 26MW wind farm is capable of generating sufficient renewable electricity to meet the annual requirements of nearly 17,000 UK homes - which for comparison is equivalent to more than a quarter of all the houses in the South Cambridgeshire District.*

Wind power is a natural, home-grown and abundant source of energy. Wadlow Farm Wind Farm will help protect our finite natural resources and make our energy supply more secure, reducing the need to rely increasingly on imports of foreign gas and oil.


*The homes equivalent figure has been calculated based on the predicted electricity generation of the wind farm and dividing this by the annual average electricity consumption figure of 4128kWh from the Department of Energy and Climate Change 2013. The result has then been compared with 2011 Census data for South Cambridgeshire.